Meet Dr. Saldivar

Merle Saldivar, DDS

I strive, with every interaction, to enrich the dental experience for my patients.

The majority of my patients are referred to me by their friends and family. Many arrive with heightened dental anxiety as a result of previous bad experiences with other doctors. These people often feel embarrassed because they have let their dental care lapse, resulting in poor oral health and a less-than-ideal smile.

I take time to listen to each person, learning about their dental fears and what they hope to achieve from care. Rather than judging or lecturing, I meet them where they are and work hard to build trust.

My greatest feeling of accomplishment is when I am able to ease a person’s anxiety, improve their oral health, and get them comfortable with worry-free, routine dental care.


The science and technology of dentistry is constantly evolving. Through continuing education I am able to evaluate the many new methods and materials that are being developed.

I combine this knowledge with my almost 20 years of experience to augment the services I provide for patients. My familiarity with the latest techniques and processes also helps me provide patients with a full range of care options, so I can create fully individualized treatment plans for each patient.

Professional Memberships and Activities

Beyond the Practice

When not at work, I am usually found enjoying life with my husband Matt and two sons, Joseph and Samuel. I love being outside, whether I’m hiking through the beautiful Chester County landscape or gardening at home. On rainy days you might find me at a yoga or fitness class at ACAC, and I make time to enjoy music and read, as well.

I also stay involved with my children’s schools and activities and participate in local charity events, especially those involving health charities. I particularly enjoy speaking about dentistry and oral health at local schools.